Ode to a Pen

A writer with ink makes a rainy day shinepen

A terrible dragon, an angel divine


Turns words into heroines, letters to gore

From pages to sages and paper to lore


The throne: author’s rickety desk and a chair

The castle: bohemian vagabond lair

The chariot: Hand-me-down car needing paint

The banquet: Lap leftovers on a chipped plate


Mightier than the sword, so they say

Endlessly scribbling from night into day

Hours on end with a modern day quill

If only this pen could just pay one bill…

3 thoughts on “Ode to a Pen”

  1. Oh so great, I always thought that although a good penman for business legal letters creative writing was beyond me. Went to a creative writing class and had to do three short stories and was told that “you do not need this class, just keep on writing”.
    So everyone and especially you Rose, do just that, keep on writing it is great for the soul and mind.


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