Memorial Day Contemplations

FlagI dreamed of being a hero. Putting on Mother’s old dresses and twirling around like a dandelion seed in the wind. I didn’t sip tea with dolls, I rode horses and fought imaginary villains and leapt over molten lava, swinging from a rope on a tree. Yes, my Barbie kissed her boyfriend but she also went over cliffs tied to a string, on her brave mission. I wanted to save the world.

I dreamed of being an artist. Too impatient to finish college I drove to Los Angeles to be a musician. From dive bars to famous recording studios, I wrote songs that made me ache, that meant something, that said something, that made people feel. I wanted to leave my mark in the world.

I dreamed of a peaceful world. I taught my children to be kind, to share, to turn the other cheek. To soar like birds in their own way, and to help others find their wings. War, in any flavor, was wrong. I wanted to shelter my children.

I dreamed of a perfect world, but life zigged and zagged me through paths I couldn’t steer against, through tragedy I could not erase, through mistakes I could not fix. I dreamed of a perfect world, but instead I grew in wisdom and strength. With that came an elusive inner peace, which is there when I remember to look.

I woke up on Memorial Day. I remember with gratitude the heroes who fought, the artists who stirred our souls to action, the peacemakers who gave us hope, and the blind perfectionists who screamed in the wind until their message dissipated to compromise and change.

6 thoughts on “Memorial Day Contemplations”

  1. This made my day, as I sit alone on the deck appreciating the beauty all around me….and then this. Thank you, Rose let us keep dreaming of peace for all.

  2. I dreamed of being YOU… But had neither the talent nor the soul. I settled for being your friend, and I am a better person from that!

    • Dearest Liz, we walked side by side through that molten lava, through the horses and barbies, through the tragedies and joys. You have talents I could never dream of achieving, and as for souls, I am so blessed to have a soul like yours in my life. All my love and gratitude, and thinking of Nic today. Me, Anthony and Dad all raised our glasses to him before dinner this evening and remembered him with love and honor.

  3. Hi Rose, Greetings from Hope Island in Queensland Australia. Yoshiko and I remember you warmly from our time together on a cruise ship and remember your wonderful music. I do hope we can get together again one day in the not too distant future. We cruise a lot and enjoy the sea. Within you all the very best.
    Love Derek and Yoshiko xx

    • We both think of you two often! We had such a wonderful time with you! Even my “misadventure” when the ship docked in the wrong port, you still made a beautiful day of it. Only a true adventuresome spirit could be so forgiving and FUN as you were that day!! And I’ll never forget the tree filled with lorikeets and kangaroos with their Joeys on the golf course! All the best and “Until we meet again!”


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