Mastering a CD in a hotel!

Eight days until I sail out of San Francisco! That means eight days to finish my CD!

As life would have it, we have moved out of one home, and will be moving into a new one in May, when I return. And so I find myself in a hotel, surrounded by my stripped-down recording studio, my keyboard, and a cup of coffee, with a looming deadline– I can’t bring my studio on board the Sea Princess! My husband is in Europe right now, which means– one: I MISS YOU ANTHONY!!! and two: I can work to the wee hours without keeping him awake.

I’ve managed to do my master mixes with no complaints by the other hotel guests, but today I need to sing some vocals. I wonder what my neighbors will think? When I’m singing through headphones, all they will hear is my voice, “tra-la-la”-ing through the halls! I have often said, “If you can’t find a hammer, use a rock.” And so I say to all out there, “Yes you CAN record an album in a hotel room.” One of my speakers is hanging over the kitchen sink, the other is propped up by a box of CDs on a dresser. Just thought you’d like a visual– it’s quite funny!

Well, if I can record an album in a hotel room, I think I can do just about anything. Today I will be singing a tune I’ve written called “Howling at the Moon.” In case you’re wondering, I’m recording a (not just for) Halloween album! Complete with a sassy version of Monster Mash, Spooky, Werewolves of London, Jar of Hearts, I Put a Spell on you, and four of my originals. I made a video of “Mr. Bag o Bones”– check out the extended version on my video page, or you can see the shorter video on my Rose Winters youtube channel.

Okay, enough chatting, I have three more songs to finish, and eight days left, and somewhere in there I need to pack for my three month trip to the South Seas!

Thanks for tuning in, I’m very grateful that you’re here on my web page! Feel free to send me an email on my contact page, I’d love to say “hey!” XO

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