Good Morning Silver: a poem to wish you a happy day!

Good morning silver,Good Morning Silver, a poem

good morning day

Good morning you sneaky sun

Hiding your ray

Good morning bickering birds

In the tree

Good morning dear crow, are you laughing at me?


Good morning fat spider too busy to rest

Good morning you flowers in your Sunday best

Good morning dear world, I am feeling your peace

Good morning dear people from the west to the east


Good morning to those who are worried and sad

Here’s a little reminder that things aren’t all bad


We may think we can’t make a difference at all

That the world is too big and one voice is too small

But a silver sky lifted my spirits today

And a moment was perfect with clouds of gray


Be still. Look up. For a moment, relax

If we hear the world, it will listen back


So good morning silver, I’ll be on my way

Thank you. I’m ready now, bring on the day


Here are some similar poems I wrote! One is about a bee, from the BEE’S perspective, which was  fun to write, I got to fly and everything! Wheeee!

 One is about a spider, and honestly I think spiders get a bad rap. You’ve got to admit they’re kinda cute! A little cute? Okay, maybe its just me. They’re deliciously macabre too! And just plain cool!

And one cozy “Curl up under a blanket with a cup of tea” poem about a misty morning! Enjoy!

And in case you don’t know, I’m a musician too! You can take a listen here, or come see a live performance!  Also, thank you Heather Walters, writer and blog genius extraordinaire,  for turning me on to, for beautiful copyright-safe photos!


6 thoughts on “Good Morning Silver: a poem to wish you a happy day!”

  1. We need poetry……we are hungry for poetry and grace. Thank you, Rose for sharing. Do you put your poems to music?

    • I haven’t yet, but that’s a great idea! I have written many songs, if that counts!
      Thank you for your kind words of support, that means a lot to me! xoxo

  2. Rose, thank you for your lovely poem. All over Australia this morning (25 April) hundreds of thousands of people were up as early as 3am or 4am setting off on foot, on trains or trams or in their cars, to attend Anzac Day Dawn Services. They start at varying times depending on when the sun rises and how long the commemoration service is but all begin at either 5am or 5.30am. Then around 9am it all starts again with large groups of service people and descendants marching in the bigger cities or commemorating around cenotaphs in every town, large and small. And ceremonies are held in places Australians and New Zealanders fought together in WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places throughout the world. Gallipoli in Turkey, France and New Guinea are the biggest commemorations overseas. It is really now Australia’s sacred day. So special that today I’m reading your poem about the morning!

    • Thank you so much Lizzy! I posted a couple songs on facebook just now, in honor of ANZAC day, one for the Aussies and one for the Kiwis. Forever grateful. Sending all my love–


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