Editorial Services

Contact me, for a thoughtful and thorough editing of your novel!

Hi! I'm Rose, and I LOVE to help writers polish their finished novels! As a certified editor and a novelist myself, I will take your first draft and help you get it publish-worthy. I will NEVER change your words. I WILL make suggestions to bring your book to a new level with ‚Äčthe ultimate goal of capturing an agent's/publisher's attention! Let's get you published!

I'm very proud of my published authors, and so honored to have shared in their path to success! Here are just a few examples!

A brilliant new way to succeed in business and life while nurturing and experiencing the world we live in. See an interview with the author here!

One woman's incredible journey of surviving and thriving against all odds.

From surviving genocide to making it in America's business world, a heartfelt and honest tale.

A hilarious and irreverent romp through our penal system and beyond.

An insightful and exciting book, on how to succeed both financially and personally.

One man's inspiring journey from child labor to civil war to a refugee camp, and finally, to freedom.