Canyon. A dragon inhaling ember and spark, blasting out sunset red inferno, licking green steeples to black, spreading wings of smoke, devouring forest creatures as they run, turning painted houses to tinder and ash

Canyon. Tears. Devastation. Yelping. Quiet.

Canyon. Fuss. Questions. Peeking between fingers. Thinking. Planning.

Canyon. First glimpse of antlers in brush. Paw prints by a trickle of fresh water. Charred branch swaying with a curious new resident. Two fluffy singed ears daring to trust
A sapling pushing through rich replenished soil

Canyon. Yellow machines rearranging earth with delicacy and respect. White headed bird settling on a strange smelling canopy. Two legs concerned for four. And four legs accepting two. Symbiosis of species sharing one goal.

Canyon. Maps and hiking boots and cameras. Orchestra of coos, cheeps and chirps. Soft treads. And soft prints. An infant in a cloth pouch on the back. Another in a furry pouch in the front with a tail. Meeting in a cautious moment. Kindred spirits. Survivors. Adventurers. Explorers. Honoring the canyon.

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